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Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid
Product Detailed

Hyaluronic acid
Apppearance: white powder
Transparency(0.1% solution)%: 98 min.
D-Glucuronic acid%: 44 min.


Special function:


Hyaluronic acid exists naturally in all living organisms and is a unversal components of the spaces between the cells of body tissues (extracellular space) and eye vitreous body, it has special function: (1)Moisturizing effect and Nutritional ingredient (2)Thickening,Lubricating and membrance-forming (3) Sun-screening and restoration of skin trauma


Recommanded dosage: 0.05-0.5%




(1). Hyaluronic acid has high purification of more than 91%, with D-glucuronic acid content being more than 44%.
(2). Since Hyaluronic acid is fine classified in terms of different molecular weight , it can be tailored for customers with various requirememts.
(3). Protein content in Hyaluronic acid is so low that it can be rarely detected by Bradford method, thus hypersensitivity is prevented when using cosmetics made from Hyaluronic acid;
(4). Hyaluronic acid doesn't contain antiseptic and thickening agent. Hazardous chemicals aren't allowed to be used during production so as to guarantee HA product.
(5). Key equipment and materials are imported for good quality. And Other materials are non-animal, then uncertain infection from animals is avoided so that HA product is guaranteed.
(6). Hyaluronic acid has high safety for the total amount of bacteria can't be detected basically.
(7). Its solution has high transparency of more than 98%, so it can be widely applied

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