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methylparaben(a biocide used in many areas)

methylparaben(a biocide used in many areas)
Product Detailed

Methylparaben Used as BIOCIDE:
Appearance: White powder
Purity (on dry base):99.0-100.5%




Introduction of METHYL PARABENS


Methylparaben is widely used as food additives and synthetic preservatives in cosmetics and personal care products, and in pharmaceutical formulations.


Methylparaben is the most vital ingredient in Pharmaceutical Formulations & Cosmetic Products. It has been in use since 1924 for the last many decades due to its harmless properties. Its applications in Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetic Industry have been tried and tested and have been certified as totally harmless to Human Life by various Medical Universities.


Methylparaben has been recommended to be used in all formulations in the range of 0.1 to 0.5%. This in turn enhances the shelf life of products quite substantially without changing their chemical properties. Considering the very small quantity of methylparaben being used and the extension of shelf life of final formulated products being quite substantial indicates the importance of usage of methylparabens in Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetic Industries.


It is found to be very useful against Mold & Yeast and find wide applications in Food Industry. The expert panel of the Cosmetic Ingredients Review (CIR) has concluded usage of Parabens as safe in Cosmetics, Foods and Pharmaceutical Industries. It is also used as Preservatives in various Drug Formulations from Microbial Organisms.


Methylparabens are known to have varied applications in different Product Categories:

1. safely used as BIOCIDES in Cosmetics such as Creams, Lotions, Face Wash and various types of Anti Fungal Creams.

2. used as BIOCIDES for various types of processed vegetables, Baked Foods, Fats & Oils, Seasonings, Sugar substitutes and Frozen Dairy Products in the concentrations upto 0.1%.

3. widely used as BIOCIDES in various Pharmaceutical Formulations and are certified to be more effective than individual esters.

4. widely used as BIOCIDES in Poultry Industry in the manufacture of various types of Vaccines.


The global market for Parabens(including methylparaben, ethylparaben, butylparaben and so on.) is around 8000-10000 MT per annum while the Indian market is around 600 MT per annum. This requirement is growing annually at the rate of 5-6% globally.




Minimum Inhibitory Concentration  (%)


Bacillus Subtilis

0.2 %

Bacillus Cereus var. mycoides

0.2 %


Aspergillus niger

0.1 %

Penicillium digitatum

0.05 %


Candida Albicans

0.1 %

Saccharomyces Cerevisiae

0.1 %


Methyl paraben: (BP2002/ USP26)




White powder

Purity (on dry base)


Melting points


Residue on ignition




Apperance of solution


Related substance


Heavy metals (Pb)


Organic volatile impurities





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